Visitor Rules

  • Everyone who enters the ZOO accepts the following rules and will always listen to the directors and zookeepers in the ZOO
  • The ZOO can only be entered with an entrance ticket from RepZOOtic itself
  • Children under 14 can visit the ZOO only under adult supervision.
  • Please stay on the walking paths and respect our nature area and animals. Clean up your mess before you leave any area at our place
  • The borders around the enclosures are made for a reason. We are not responsible for accidents due to crossing borders
  • It's forbidden to feed our animals anything that is not given to you by our zookeepers or bought at our cassa. Feed the 'ZOO yummies' only to animals that are able to eat them (look at the signs)
  • Please do not smoke outside the designated smoking areas
  • Dogs and other pets are not allowed to bring into the zoo, except Registered Assistant Dogs

Everyone who doesn't live by the rules of the ZOO during their visit can be asked to leave the ZOO without any refund

Smoking is only allowed at our smoking area at the terrace

For the safety of our own animals, we don't allow dogs or other pets in the ZOO