RepZOOtic Animal Center

RepZOOtic Animal Center, or just RepZOOtic, is a very new animal center in Hungary. Our team started this project in october 2016 and we are happy to anounce that we received a Zoo Permit in december 2017. The zoo itself is open for visitors starting from the 1st of april in 2018.

RepZOOtic dus a lot of things. Our main job is to inform people about animals. We want to educate and fascinate children and their parents about the wonders of nature. We want to show everyone what's so special about a cute hedgehog, why we don't need to hunt foxes or why we don't have to be afraid of a little snake. With this education we want to help animals and we want people to support nature conservancy!

What do we do

Very good question! Or, what do we WANT to do? 
RepZOOtic is not a mainstream zoo. We keep animals as ambassadors for their wild cousins. To educate people about them and to protect them. All the animals in our place are born in captivity and can't be placed in the wild. 

We are also - or most of all -  a sanctuary for exotic animals that are dumped or mistreaten. We take in animals from fur farms, exotic pets, animals with (visible) defects, surplus from zoos and more. We give them a final place to stay. To enjoy good food and a warm bed. We also house wild animals that can't go back into the wild and give them the best possible life in an enclosure.

We also participate in rescue operations for wild animals (to release again!) and we donate to (local) projects to help saving wildlife.

The Team

The founders of RepZOOtic, Sharon Oplinus and Guy Degrande, are both born in Belgium. They decide to move to Hungary for the rest and nature and to have more space for their beloved animals. They decided to grow bigger and finally open a real zoo, that also can be a sanctuary for animals. 

Beside the founders, we have a lot of volunteers and students who help us all days of the year! Do you also want to join our team? Take a look how!